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More about our trip to Taidong

Most of the third day of your trip to Taidong we've spent at the National Museum of Prehistory. It's a really BIG and ... empty place. Kids enjoyed it a lot and were a bit disappointed that we couldn't see all the exhibitions - it was simply too much for one day.

Beside the exhibitions on prehistorical Taiwan and indigenous people of Taiwan there was also an exhibit entitled "Form, Color, Pattern, Texture" 形、色、紋、質:臺灣原住民生活美學的微觀之旅 showing works of different contemporary aborigine designs. Another exhibit was about the problem of  carbon emission in Taiwan and what needs to be done to lower it 低碳臺灣‧高瞻未來─你能‧我也能.
Kids enjoyed the most Peinan Cultural Park 卑南文化公園, which is a much smaller archeological museum with lots of hands on activities for children.

Not really part of the exbibition :-)

Following day we started with a visit to another homeschooling family. There are 5 kids in the family, the parents are hardworking farming people who are doing a wonderful job teaching their own kids. I really admire them.

The bow was hand made by the dad.

After a boring drive up highway no.9 we got to Hualian where we stayed at the same B&B as on the way down. We only changed the rooms.

For dinner we met with another homeschooling family. Right now there are so many people homeschooling that no matter where we go we can find someone not sending their kids to school :-)

Last day of our trip was also the day of Jas' 9th birthday. Originally we planned to get to Ilan in the early afternoon to celebrate his birthday with some friends, but ... things didn't work out as planned. Due to the very wet weather over the last few weeks, the road conditions between Hualian and Ilan got very dangerous. The rock and earth slides made the coastal road impossible to drive on. On the day we were driving back to Taipei the road was open only for 2 hours at a time, three times a day. And, of course, we ended up waiting for the road to open for over 4 hours. Jas has spent his birthday waiting in the car ...


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