Dancing all around at Cloud Gate 雲門

Both Zosia and Jaś have been going to Cloud Gate Dance Studio 雲門舞集舞蹈教室 for many years now. 

Zosia, because of her age, should have finished the course this semester, but ... she decided to stay on and retake some of the classes to prepare herself better for the scholarship classes that she has been attending for the past two years. Almost every Sunday she spends over 5 hours dancing. During that time she has balet and modern dance or Chinese martial arts classes and also rehearsal for next year performance. She comes back home dead tired, but with a strong will to go on and on...

Jaś, beside the movement class, for the past 1.5 years Jaś has been taking balet classes. He is the only boy in the class and that seems to be bothering him. He loves dancing and often makes his own dance routines at home, but he doesn't like that other boys laugh at him for taking balet lessons.

At Cloud Gate Dance Studio kids not only learn about movement and dance, but also have elements of acting:


A few photos from Zosia's balet, street dance and marshal arts classes: