Back to school?

Can I say that we are going back to school? We don't really stop learning during vacation or holidays so there is no ... break from so called school. But still ... with summer over we started using our desks more than during vacation. 

This year I am trying to do as much preparations in advance as possible. I've planned all the subjects for both kids for the next half a year. Of course it doesn't mean that this plan is not going to change, we are very flexible and if something interesting comes up or if the kids would be interested in something else than what I have prepared then let it be. Follow the child (most of the time at least).

Zosia is still interested in science - physics, chemistry and she still likes math a lot, so we will be doing a lot of these this year.

Can't really figure out what Jaś likes. His interests change all the time, from math to history, to building with Lego or drawing. I never know what he will want to do, how he will want to learn or which projects he would like to work on. 

I hope that this semester although we are not joining the nature class, we will find time to go out  and explore Taipei and surrounding mountains or even take a trip down south. We'll see...

So far kids signed up for dance (Zosia both Saturday and Sunday and Jaś Saturday only) and art classes. Jaś is also continuing piano lessons. Zosia is still going ice-skating and is thinking of joining a photography class.