Countries with diplomatic relations with Taiwan

Post by Zosia:

Almost 2 years ago, my mom came up with a project idea about countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It took this long for the project to come to life :-)

Just before vacation, on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, I found a list of countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. 

We've brainstormed for quite a while and came up with a way to present this project. I've tried to make it as original and artistic as possible... At last I've decided to have little booklets glued to a map/outline of Taiwan (later I ended up using the world map).
It took me a while to measure and count the number and size and the way to fold the little booklets, but it took me more than a while to fit the information I wanted into them. This is the list of what is on each page of the booklets:
1st page: Country flag and Chinese name (I had to shorten some).
2nd: Official name (in the country's language)
3: The country's outline
4: Population (Vatican has only 820!)
5: Area (and only 0.44km2!)
6: Currency
7: Language
 And btw, Vatican HAS diplomatic relations with Taiwan. >v='''

by Zozo