"My Favorite Things" for Mama

Just a few days ago I was celebrating my ... birthday. Somehow in our family we never do anything exciting for Tim's or my birthday (kids' birthdays are a different story).

Zosia and Jaś sometimes remember and sometimes forget about their Parents' special day.
Sometimes they come up with some great presents ideas and sometimes not.

This year the day of my birthday was very busy, so Jaś did not have time to bake a cake for me. Early in the morning he had to go for science class and at noon all of us accompanied Zosia for her presentation about her 1st semester of homeschooling in high school. The presentation went very well, one of the professors in the panel from Bureau of Education even asked her to give a presentation to his students at the Teacher's College.
Later I took Zosia for her university class and the younger kids back home. Busy, busy day!

The special thing was a yummy dinner at an Italian restaurant with my hubby (no kids!).

And today ... Zosia surprised me with a music video! Here it is:

If you would like to know what the kids have prepared for me and Tim last year then you can read the post from last year.


  1. CUDOWNE!!!! Po prostu cudowne!!


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