Our days in Poland

Time in Poland has passed very quickly - we are already back in Taiwan.

My plan of catching up with my blog has not worked out at all. How could I think that I would have more time in my Parents' house than at home? Although we didn't leave Warsaw and didn't even visit many places in the city, but ... I still didn't have time.
In the mornings I tried to have an hour or two of lessons with Jaś. Later it was time to do some shopping, cleaning, cooking, baking for the coming Christmas. In the evenings we were either visiting friends or had visitors over at our house.

Zosia was busy with ... her school. Every time she comes to Poland she visits a school that her friend goes to. She became good friends with all the kids in the class and likes participating in their lessons and activities. This time she not only attended a few days of school, but also took part in the gift exchange on St.Nicholas Day, helped sell cookies to raise the money for a class trip and joined others for a museum lesson at the National Arts Museum. On the last day of school before Christmas holidays Zosia was even invited for a class Christmas party.
And who says that homeschooled kids are not socializing and can't get along with peers attending school?

A week before Christmas Tim joined us in Poland and the real Christmas shopping started - Christmas tree, presents, food to take back to Taiwan...

During all that time one or another of us had a cold - runny nose, cough etc. Nothing serious, but simply inconvenient.

Now we are back in Taiwan trying to get over the jet lag. Somehow this time it's not easy - Jaś and Ania keep falling asleep at 1-2 am and don't get up until 11-12 in the morning and I feel sleepy whole day ...