Homeschooling outing in Poland

Before we came to Poland I asked parents in a Polish homeschooling group whether there are going to be any outings, get-togethers during the time we will be in Warsaw. Soon after I got a reply from one of the parents saying that she will organise something.

Yesterday we took part in the first outing -we went to a BioCEN - Centre for Innovative Bioscience Education (BioCentrum Edukacji Naukowej) for a lesson about DNA.

Altogether there were 20 children, between 3rd and 6th grade, taking part in the lesson. Some children knew each other, others didn't. Only two moms stayed with the children during the lesson and to my surprise all the children were very well behaved (not like during some group classes in Taiwan where children speak without being asked, walk around the class, eat, drink, play with their phones and don't pay much attention to what the teacher is talking about). Here, before the class started, the children were asked to put their bags away and turn off their phones. Throughout the 2-hour long class the teacher had to remind the children only once or twice to pay attention. The lesson was very well prepared and all the kids participated in it with great interest.
Let the photos speak for themselves:

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Play the above slide show to see what the kids have learned
in the theory part of the class.

Jas has written a very detailed description of the experiment on his blog, so I am not going to repeat it here. Please go to Jas Newsroom to read about the experiment and how to see DNA with a naked eye.

Jas taking notes

This is all that what was needed for the experiment.

And here it is! The white ring in the purple alcohol
is the kiwi fruit DNA!