The Sonlight "boxing" day

Last week our new books from Sonlight arrived. It took 6 days for the box to reach us! What an amazing speed. Don't remember the order getting to Taiwan so fast in the previous years.
It took less time for the books to travel from one continent to the other then for me to place the order ...
This year I really had hard time deciding what I should order.

About a year or so ago Sonlight has made some big changes to their curricula.  The so called Core used to consist only of History/Geography modules and Read-Alouds, the Bible Study was optional. Now not only the Bible Study is incorporated in the Core, but also Language Arts (Spelling, Handwriting, Grammar, Vocabulary, Creative Expression). That is FAR TOO MUCH. We don't need all this additional subjects, we are only interested in the History/Geography part. That's why I had to hand pick one by one all the books. It also didn't make sense to buy the humongous teacher's manual, because most of the pages were dealing with the Language Arts (which I did not want to do with my kids, at least not to the extend Sonlight is offering).
We also decided not to continue Sonlight science with Zosia. We will be following the Polish textbooks for Physics and Chemistry which are quite clear and interesting. Jas is still going to do Sonlight science - he has moved to Science D which deals with Biology, Taxonomy and Human Anatomy. He's been waiting to start the new science curriculum for a few weeks now and is very excited to see all the new books he will be reading.

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