Lazy summer?

How is it - do homeschoolers have school in summer?

Of course in our school learning never stops. We learn all year round, no matter where we are and no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

This summer both Zosia and Jas have different attractions - cruise, camps, competition and of course normal classes and lessons with Mom.

So what have they been doing so far?

At the end of June they took a cruise to Japan and Korea. It was a short trip, just 5 days, but it was also something to remember. They liked being on the cruise ship a lot and they made some friends with the staff (especially the bartenders). Unfortunately they didn't enjoy the time on land - trying to see too many things in a very short time.

Jas' new idea is to become a bartender or a chef on a cruise. Let's wait and see...

(Note - we, the parents, did not go with them, Taiwanese grandparents and aunts did.)

Right after the cruise Jas went for a week long basketball day-camp. He has learned a lot and wants to practice more, but unfortunately the weather has been so hot that it's almost impossible to play any outdoor sports without getting a heat stroke. I guess he will have to wait until fall to shoot some more hoops.

Two weeks ago Zosia attended a 5 days long camp for young people interested in acting and performing on stage, especially in musicals. She was the youngest participant as all the others were  college students or have already graduated. She was actually only observing the classes and wasn't asked to participate 100% , most of the other students were there to prepare for auditions at Broadway.  All the classes were taught in English by people closely connected with Broadway (coaches, musicians, judges). Zosia enjoyed the camp a lot and has learned a lot about how to behave at the auditions.

We've also been driving to the southern part of the island to meet our new daughter, Ania. She came twice to visit us in Taipei. First it was only for 3 days and second time it was for 9 days. In two weeks our family will grow as Ania will come to live with us for good. All of us are very happy and excited to have a little 3 year old girl joining our family.

Isn't she adorable?
Between all this we've been having normal lessons, maths, English, science, geography, history ...
Zosia is working on a new big project about Berlin Wall (she has been planning that project since last November when we visited Berlin). She is also doing courses on Coursera - History of Rock and Camera Never Lies.
Jas is finishing his dinosaur project and getting ready to go in two days for a  5-day camp to Juming Museum.

Today, Zosia took part in a BIG modeling competition organised by one of the two largest modeling companies in Taiwan, Eelin 伊林. 2175 young people were competing for 90 places (60 girls + 30 boys). Those who pass will enter the second stage of competition which will last a whole month. In the second stage they will get a chance to learn what modeling is really about.
Keep your fingers crossed, we will now the results tomorrow.

Nr 18
(photo from 中央社 2013/07/21)