Christmas in Hong Kong

Our very comfortable hotel - East Hotel.
Instead of staying home for Christmas we decided to fly for three days to Hong Kong. It was my and kids first time on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. The city didn't really impress us much ... but we still had a great time.

Views from the airport bus to the hotel - far from pretty.

We not only walked around the city, but also took all possible means of public transportation - bus, tram, taxi, small bus, boat, underground and train (all of us agree that the taxi was the worst). It was very convenient with the Octopus card.

Doubledecker tram, Tim on a ferry and plan of MTR.
We tried some local food and drinks.

What is "Milk water egg"? Condensed milk diluted with water with
a raw egg inside - quite nice. The drinks very really good
and the jelly eggs were fun to eat too.
Jas loves LEGO so we couldn't miss a visit to the Times Square where big Lego figures and houses were set out.

What surprised us most: the lack of scooters, many Taiwanese restaurants and very few bookstores.
We also met a wonderful homeschooling family who a few years ago has sailed on a catamaran across the Pacific with their two young daughters. They invited us to their boat, where kids played a game of "Risk" and we had time to chat.
Tim wouldn't be himself if he hasn't arranged to meet with Hongkongese families interested in homeschooling. It's not easy to homeschool legally in Hong Kong as there is no set application procedure. Still there are quite a few families that choose to educate their kids at home.