2012 Young Voice Super Festival

Zosia sharing her experience at the camp.
During summer Zosia participated in a few summer camps organized by Fubong Culture and Education Foundation 富邦文教基金會.

For one of the camps she went to Orchid Island 蘭嶼 off the south eastern coast of Taiwan to learn about the aboriginal way of life. At the end of the camp kids had to make a short film presentation about what they have learned.

Another camp was in Tainan, where she explored the newly opened National Museum of Taiwan History 國立台灣歷史博物館. During this camp she not only learned history of Taiwan, but also made a short feature film about one event from the history using the photos taken inside the museum.

Images from "The Kite" animation
For the last camp Zosia gathered a group of eight homeschoolers interested in film making and together they signed up for the film making camp. After a few days of learning about acting, working as a group and preparing a script for their movie only half of the groups was asked to stay for two additional days of filming. Zosia's group was not chosen to stay, but ... was offered an even better deal - they would be given time and an animantion teacher's help to finish their work back in Taipei. This way the Homeclub Image, as they call themselves, met for a few days in September to finish their work.

But that's not all ... The same group of eight homeschoolers was given an opportunity to learn more about photography during a special three  day photo session. The subject of their work was - graduation photo. The kids came up with some wonderful and very interesting photos which tell us a lot about how they see themselves.


The first weekend of December was the time for all the kids, who participated in Fubong's camps, to present their work - the films, the animations, the photos and the writings. Youngsters from all over Taiwan came to Taipei to see the premieres of their films and talk about their summer camps experiences.
The homeschooler's graduation photos had a special exhibit with their work printed in huge sizes. Everything looked really professional.