Extreme Birds booklet

Jas has always liked watching and listening to birds. Last year for his birthday he got good binoculars for birdwatching. Sometimes in the morning he carries them and a birdwatching book while he takes our dog for a walk. He knows the names of many birds on our mountain and I can tell you that there are quite a few different species.

Our birdwatching books are very useful
as there are many different species of birds
in the mountains where we live.

A few weeks ago we started reading about birds from The Usborne Book of Knowledge. Jas became interested in the "birds' extremes": which one is the fastest, which one is the largest, the smallest or has the longest beak.
I found a lot of useful information on Enchanted Learning website. Additionally I printed out pictures of different birds and made small booklet for Jaś.

Next it was Jaś' turn to fill the booklets with information about the birds. That's how our Extreme Birds booklet came to life.