Summer in Taiwan

The past few weeks have been very busy for kids - both of them have gone to different summer camps around Taiwan and off shore islands.

Zosia went with Fubon Art Foundation 富邦基金會 for a week long camp 「非嶼不可」故事報導營 to Orchid Island 蘭嶼 where she was learning and observing the way aborigines 達悟族 a.k.a. 亞美族 live and work.

A week later she went (with with the same foundation) to Taizhong 台中 for another camp 【決戰開麥拉】2012青少年發聲創意影像工作坊 at which she was learning about film making. Beside her 7 other homeschooled kids joined this camp. They have come up with a very interesting story for their animation project, which hopefully they will get a chance to make in the next few weeks.

At the same time that Zosia was on Orchid Island, Jas was at Alishan 阿里山 at a camp organised by King Car Education Foundation 金車教育基金會. There he learned a lot about another aborigine tribe 周族. He went 'hunting' with bow and arrow which he made by himself, he also made a cup from bamboo and learned how to make aiyu jelly 愛玉.

His second camp was closer to home and not as phisically demanding. It was a musical camp by A&Mcreative 安徒生和莫扎特的創意. On the last day all the parents were invited to watch the kids on stage perform a really nicely made musical.

Summer is not over yet ... kids still have more camps to go to.