Zebras lapbook

Just finished a lapbook with Jas. This time it's an animal lapbook about zebras. Because I no longer have time to design the lapbooks myself, I used a template from a wonderful website Homeschool Share. You can find there all sorts of lapbook templates, lesson plans and unit study plans.

It's difficult to get Jas involved in making a longer project, that's why this time I decided to plan ahead and set a certain amount of lapbook work for each day of the week. This way we managed to finish the whole project in one week! Zosia could work for whole day on the same project and for Jas it's impossible - he has to do bit by bit.

Getting all the pieces ready.

The front page  and the middle pages unfolded.
In the middle is a poem by Shel Silverstein that Jas copied.

Some of the flaps and booklets, unfolded.