Mind Mapping Dilemma

Wre are still trying to figure out which software to use for creating mind maps on the computer. We looked through quite a few, downloaded them and Zosia tried them out. So far nothing beats the full version of iMindMap - it's easy to use, colorful, makes really cool presentations, has lots of clip-art and simply appeals to Zosia a lot. But ... there always has to be a but ... it is too expensive. Some mind mapping tools are too simple, too boring or they don't have the presentation mode.
We also tried Vue - Visual Understanding Environment, XMind and now Zosia is trying out the NovaMind software. So far so good, she likes NovaMind and it is cheaper than iMindMap!
Here is a mind map made with NovaMind:


  1. Jednak proponowałbym iMindMap, jakby nie patrzeć to wersja od Tony'ego Buzana - specjalnie przez niego testowana, tak aby tworzyć mapy myśli zgodnie z zasadami przez niego przedstawione.

    Nie wiem czy wiesz, ale są też wersje na tablety:

  2. Wiem, wiem - iMindMap jest najfajniejszy i najprostszy w uzyciu, ale tez najdrozszy. Moja corka sciagnela wersje na android'a, ale jak na razie nie jest zbyt zadowolona.


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