A busy Wednesday at home

Jaś had Polish, Chinese and English today. In English for the past few days he's been doing crossword puzzles. For the first time
he didn't want me to spell the words to him, but he wanted to look them up in the dictionary. Good job!

He also had math - multiplication and division. I don't make him memorize the time tables, but let him think and come out with the answers in his own time and way. Jaś sometimes uses the division board to check his answers. And that's what he has done today.

Zosia didn't do as much as Jaś ...

She worked mainly on biology. Read chapters on skeleton and joints from "The Complete Book of Human Body" and wrote some worksheets from Sonlight.


Later in the afternoon she had her last media class. Unfortunately she didn't like these classes very much, I guess they didn't turn out what she thought they would be.