GTV 八大 homeschooling news

Outside it's raining and temperature dropped to 20C. In Taiwan there is a very short window of time that we don't need to turn on neither AC nor heater. And the time is now! It's the most pleasant time of the year (of course when it's not raining).

Not much is happening - just teaching and learning :-) 
 6775204In the morning we read "Earthquakes" and discussed how we can prepare for them. After the March 11th disaster in Japan the subject of earthquakes is being brought up quite often in our house. Taiwan is one of those places that shakes and rattles almost all the time.

In the afternoon we had visitors - Taiwanese cable news station, GTV 八大, came to interview Tim and film a news spot on homeschooling.

If you would like to watch it just click on the video below:


While TV was here kids started putting a flag puzzle together: