Mr.Bone and his screwtack joints

The following post is by Zosia:

Last week mom gave me a large stack of worksheets. Some of them were taken out, some were copied from different workbooks. All were about the human skeleton and bones. It took me two days to fill them all in.
When I finished the last one, mom gave me two blue A4 sheets with a human skeleton printed on them.
After I cut Mr.Bone out and labled him, I wondered how to put him together. There were few options: either glue him on a piece of paper and make him a paralized Mr.Bone or somehow connect his joints and make him a super flexible skeleton.
Anyone who knows me will bet I chose option no.2. Well, no matter how much he bet; he won.
I chose to have Mr. Bone's body glued to a big piece of white paper, leaving his mechanical cranium (skull/head) and limbs dangling (if you're not moving them with whatever force).
I thought for quite long how to attach the moving limbs to a thin paper. I tried using tacks to secure them but that only caused my poor heel to be at"tack"ed by a blue tack, which made the heel's owner scream and a curse.
After a few tries with sometimes quite extraordinary objects, mom told me to try to re-form a paper clip into some kind of a tack which cannot pierce through heels.
After the sacrifices of a few paper clips I invented some thing called SCREWTACK that looks like... a spring.
Anyway let's jump... I present MR. BONE!