A loooong and hot weekend

We had a very busy weekend:
Saturday, as always kids had dance classes, but this Saturday was also June 4th - the Tiananmen 天安門 'incident' anniversary. Chinese writer-disident, Bei Ling 貝嶺, who is living now in Taipei and whom we know, has organised an art instalation/happening entitled "1001 chairs for Ai Weiwei 艾未未". Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist who, on the way to Taiwan last year, was stopped at the Chinese airport and detained. He is still being held without a trial. The happening was interesting, but hasn't drown a big crowd. But still - kids and Tim got to the front page of the newspaper 

On Sunday after church we had friends over for lunch and afternoon tea. They will be leaving Taiwan soon and going to Canada. We will miss them ...

On Monday was a holiday - Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 so it was a great day to organise a big Polish-Taiwanese party at our place. Again we were saying good-bye a our friends who will be moving to Australia. The weather was really hot and sunny - just right for a garden party. Kids had a blast playing with water and adults were trying to catch up chatting away.

Today we should have gone back to our schooling routine, but ... somehow neither kids nor I felt like doing too much. Zosia worked a bit on her new geography project and math, and Jas has done some English, Chinese and continued work on the car project.