Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer in Taiwan

The past few weeks have been very busy for kids - both of them have gone to different summer camps around Taiwan and off shore islands.

Zosia went with Fubon Art Foundation 富邦基金會 for a week long camp 「非嶼不可」故事報導營 to Orchid Island 蘭嶼 where she was learning and observing the way aborigines 達悟族 a.k.a. 亞美族 live and work.

A week later she went (with with the same foundation) to Taizhong 台中 for another camp 【決戰開麥拉】2012青少年發聲創意影像工作坊 at which she was learning about film making. Beside her 7 other homeschooled kids joined this camp. They have come up with a very interesting story for their animation project, which hopefully they will get a chance to make in the next few weeks.

At the same time that Zosia was on Orchid Island, Jas was at Alishan 阿里山 at a camp organised by King Car Education Foundation 金車教育基金會. There he learned a lot about another aborigine tribe 周族. He went 'hunting' with bow and arrow which he made by himself, he also made a cup from bamboo and learned how to make aiyu jelly 愛玉.

His second camp was closer to home and not as phisically demanding. It was a musical camp by A&Mcreative 安徒生和莫扎特的創意. On the last day all the parents were invited to watch the kids on stage perform a really nicely made musical.

Summer is not over yet ... kids still have more camps to go to.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Distance ... teaching

It's been a while since I've last posted anything here, but it doesn't mean that nothing has been happening. In my opinion - too much has happened ...
A month ago I decided to go back to Poland to take care of my Mom who has just undergone a serious operation. Timing was not perfect, to say the least - with the book promotion tour in full spin it ment that my husband, Tim, would need to take over all the presentations, TV and radio interviews and book signing events. To tell you the truth, I was kind of pleased with that... All those public events are not something that I enjoy.
To make things easier on Tim, I took one child, Zosia, with me to Poland. Why the older one and not the younger one? Simply because I knew I wouldn't be able to look after Jas, think of activites for him and keep him happy and not bored. Zosia, on the other hand, can take care of herself, move around the city by herself and do her lessons without me sitting next to her.
Before I left, I had to prepare all the lessons for Jas. Of course the choice of lessons was limited as I knew that Tim wouldn't have time to sit with him for longer than just about half an hour a day. For the month that I am away Jas had to do English, Chinese, math (in English and Chinese), and biology (in English). I used Homeschool Tracker to plan lessons for each day. This way it is easy for Jas to look up what lessons he needs to do on a particular day.
For Zosia time in Poland is half vacation - half school. For a few days she went with my friend's family to the Polish lake district, Mazury. She's also been going to a Polish school - I want her to share her experience herself. At home she is still doing some math and physics and of course reading.
Next week we'll be going back home for ... vacation.