Sunny day for the girls

Wednesdays are usually very busy days for us, especially for me. Right after lunch I put on my "cab driver's" hat and start driving the kids around town for different afternoon classes.
I start with taking Jas for his music class, then take Ania for her music class. When that is finished we go to pick Jas up and take him to art class. While he is at art class I so grocery shopping with Ania. Very often I also have to drop and pick up Zosia from different modelling jobs or her dance class.
We always eat out on Wednesdays night as I don't have time to prepare dinner at home.

But ... today was different. Ania's music class was cancelled, Zosia finished her dance classes so only Jas had music and art class to go to. He is big enough to take bus himself, but he never wanted to do it (his music class is quite far). Today I asked my husband to take the car and drive to the office instead of taking public transportation, so I would have an excuse for not being able to take Jas to the classes by car. And worked!

Right after lunch Jas left and only three girls were left at home.
Take a look what we were busy with:

Ania started an experiment
(I will write more about in two weeks, until then it's a secret :-) )

The green sun and Ania's name.

Pretending :-) to be doing a literature project.

The only thing Zosia is willing to do
in the kitchen is washing the dishes.

Beautiful weather - sunny, but not hot - made me want to spend the afternoon outdoors.

Drawing with chalk.

Future NBA star!

Any place is a good place to do math on Khan.