Everything About Dinosaurs

For the past few weeks Jas has been learning about dinosaurs. It's not my favourite subject and I've never 'done dinosaurs' with Zosia as she was not interested in them either. It seems like those big reptiles appeal more to boys than to girls.
Here are the books about dinosaurs and fossils that we are reading now:

As all DK books, this one is also full
of wonderful illustrations.

I don't agree with everything that's written in this book,
but it gives a good starting point for the discussion
on creationism vs evolution.

And something in Chinese :-)
I bought this workbook a few years ago for Zosia,
but she wasn't too interested in it so now
Jas is using it.

Jas is also enjoying watching the BBC series "Walking with Dinosaurs":

as well as doing activites from DK Dinosaur Activity Pack:

Few more weeks and we will be all done!