Typhoon Day

It's been raining pretty hard for the past two days. Today all the outside classes (swimming, art, saxophone) have been cancelled, so kids and I are spending whole day at home 'working'. Actually it's a good thing as we have a lot of work to do - lessons, projects, baking.
Jas and I started the day with a bit of baking - banana crumble muffins with a touch of nutmeg.

Zosia is continuing her work on the Olympic Games project. As always, it's going to be BIG! Lot of information and lots of work. It's slow going, but maybe a day at home will help speed things up.


Jas has been working on his English exercises.

He's also been observing the rainfall around our house. Yesterday we made a rain measuring tool and Jas set it outside in the open., making sure it is secured and is not going to tip over in the wind.

Now Jas will do some math and practice piano and Zosia will still continue on her project, unless she will want to take a break and ... do her favorite math.