Our book - 我家就是國家學校

Sleepless nights, kids left to do their homework all by themselves, minds full of thoughts and memories, stiff fingers from typing - all this leads to one great thing - A BOOK. After a lot of work on our and our editor's 黃靖卉 side we are coming closer to publishing our first book. Tomorrow we will be going over the blueprints and tomorrow night the printing begins! It will be for sale in bookstores island wide at the end of April or beginning of May.

What is the book about? It is all about our experiences in raising and teaching kids in a multicultural and multilingual environment.  You can read about the reasons for choosing homeschooling and how we actually teach our children, how others do it and what resources there are for kids around Taiwan and on the Internet.
We've been planning on putting our experiences on paper for quite a while, but we never could have gotten around it if 黃靖卉hasn't contacted us last fall and hand held us all the way. Thank you, 黃靖卉.

The book is in Chinese and you can place an advace order on:

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