Time for science class

Science is probably the most difficult subject to teach for homeschooling moms. Some don't feel confident enough to teach it, others think it takes too much time and preparation to do it more often than once ... a month, there are also those that simply avoid it altogether.
Where do I fall? I would say that the second group - getting all the things ready to do experiments at home and then actually taking time to do them is really time consuming, but ... kids love it.
So what can I do? From time to time I do need to turn my kitchen into a lab and let them grow crystals, burn sugar, make lots of bubbles, sift sand, magnetise needles etc. As a child we never made any experiments at school, so now I am learning and enjoying the hands-on-science with them. It is a lot of fun, so just take your time and ... do it!

Growing crystals

Checking how different substances react with soda, water and vinegar.

Is the amount of water in each container the same or is it different?

Working with magnets