How to teach a one-armed boy?

Since Jas has broken his right arm I had to change quite a bit the way I teach him. No more writing, no more playing piano, no more taking care of the animals, no more picking things up, no more helping in the kitchen, around the house or in the garden.
He is getting a bit better now, but still needs help in all those things that parents of healthy children take for granted, like dressing, washing, brushing teeth, making bed, putting shoes on, making sandwiches, preparing snacks, packing bag, taking dog out etc. Now I can see how much he used to do around himself and how much time it is taking me to help him with all these little chores. It feels like this 9 year-old is a small boy again.
And how about schooling? Fortunately we are homeschooling, otherwise I don't know how he would be learning at school where writing and test taking is the main way to teach. At home I can adjust teaching Jas to his temporary disability. We can't do any writing, but we can still do other things. He reads more than before, I also read to him and we discuss books and stories that we read. I can use again some of the long forgotten Montessori materials (like 3 parts cards), puzzles, language and math games. We use letter blocks for practicing spelling, character cards for learning Chinese characters and other language materials that don't require writing.
Jas has also been using computer more lately. He does math at Khan Academy, plays some games at Jump Start and, listens and reads stories on 快樂學華語.
Jas also listens to the lessons I have with Zosia.We read books on history of Poland, Ancient Rome and science (Cool Stuff).
I would have never thought that one can do so much with a child who is not being able to write. One just needs to put away all the workbooks and take out all the ... fun stuff.