Bubbles in Babel

Zosia finished her TOPS science book about Cohesion/Adhesion today. The last experiments were about ... bubbles. 
Why do bubbles have a sphere shape? 
How can we change their shape? 
How do bubbles join together? 
How to make really big bubbles?

Joined bubble films created a curved funnel

A giant bubble dome

A common flat wall between the joined bubbles


  1. You are so FUN!! Ack science is my hardest subject to teach (because I never liked it growing up...) so I need to get my bottom in gear and start doing stuff like this with my kiddos too!!

  2. Thanks, Jessica. We should be doing much more science, because kids really like the hands on stuff, but it always takes some time to prepare it and time is what I don't have :-) With the little ones you could try "The Usborne Book of Science Activities", Jas really loves it - the experiments are easy to copy at home. With Zosia I am doing experiments from TOPS Learning Systems (bought through Sonlight). Science is a lot of fun!


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