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Out and about in the afternoon

It doesn't happen very often that the kids finish their assignments early. Today they somehow managed to get everything done by the time of the afternoon walk with the dog. And so the three of us plus Inu went for a longer walk around our community. Jaś took with him fish food to feed the very hungry carps in the pond and Zosia had my camera with her to take photos of the surrounding nature. Just take a look at what we saw:


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Animals Classification Lapbook

Last week Jaś has been very busy working on the animal classification lapbook. Lately it's been very difficult to get him interested in doing any kind of project, but to my surprise he has finished this lapbook in just a few days! I am really proud of him.

I used a ready lapbook template from the wonderful Homeschool Share website, but I asked Jaś to writ all the information in his own handwriting instead of just printing the prepared text.

Here are the photos of his lapbook:

Matematyka - zbiory

Trochę matematyki w wakacje.

Japonia Ani - Japan by Ania

Prace nad projektem o Japonii Ania rozpoczęła równo miesiąc temu. W ciągu tego czasu przeczytała kilka książek o kraju Kwitnącej Wiśni, nauczyła się wielu japońskich słówek i poznała wiele ciekawostek o Japonii.