Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Zosia's first front flip

Zosia loves trying new things. She would probably go diving with sharks, jump with a parachute and go bungee jumping from a bridge if there was someone to take her to do all those things.
Her Parents and brother are not that adventurous so there is no chance of her ever going with us to experience the thrills of living on edge.

But ... there is Perry!

He will show her how to do crazy things in a safe way.

Thank you Perry.

For those who are interested - this place is was in 新北市, it got closed due to safety issues. New venue (hopefully safer and with A/C) will open soon in Taipei close to 雙連.

How far do you let your kids go?

A na ile Ty pozwalasz dzieciom?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Swimming with GoPro

Summer is coming to an end.
In just one week we will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節.
Our community swimming pool is going to close very soon.
To remember the good times we've had at the pool Zosia has made a really cool video - please take a look:

Do you want to go swimming?


Friday, August 29, 2014

Alphabet book by Ania

Continuing with teaching letters to preschooler - putting it all together.

After finishing all the exercises for a particular letter I would give Ania a box of cut out letters from magazines (small and capital, all in different fonts) and ask her to look for that letter.

Next step was to glue these letter to the big sheet of paper together with the letters from other exercises.

And now time for ... stickers! Out of a box of stickers and a sticker book we chose the ones which pictures begin with the letter Ania is learning.

After Ania placed them on the page I wrote the names of the objects. It looked like this:

After all this work Ania's letter page was finished!

And after a few months all the letters had their pages and it was time to put them all together  into a big alphabet book:

Ania had lots of fun doing all the letter exercises and she is very proud of her big alphabet book. Although she already knows all her letter, she still likes to look through it from time to time.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making a rainstick

Few weeks ago Ania had to prepare an instrument for her music class (Mama Mia 親子館). The instrument was supposed to imitate the sound of rain, wind or thunder. I figured that it would be nice to make a South American rainstick (or something that would resemble it).
The big brother, Jas, was a great help.

What is needed to make a rainstick:
  • a tube (we used one for storing pictures)
  • nails
  • beans/peas or other small grains
  • colored tape + stickers to decorate
  • hammer

I made small dots on the tube so the nails
would be placed at equal distances.

Placing the nails in was a task for Jas.

This is how the tube looks like after the nails are nailed through.

Ania is adding stickers after the tube was covered with colored tape.

When the tube has been decorated, remember to seel one end well.
Now your rain stick is ready to be filled - pour some small grains in and after closing the other end, move your rainstick slowly in the upright position - up and down - and listen to the rain.

The rain stick is ready to play!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Missing snow (video)

At the end of April Zosia was taking part in filming of one episode for a popular Public TV children's program 下課花路米.

It was her idea to make an episode about skiing in Taiwan (as you know it does not snow on this island, except for a few cm high up in the mountains). She wrote a proposal to the program producer and her idea was accepted!

Now you can enjoy a short film from behind the scenes: