Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Cały czas chodzą nam owady po głowie. Tak, tak - może zauważyliście, że cały czas Ania uczy się o owadach i robi różne prace plastyczne właśnie o owadach.

Do tej pory zrobiła:
Obserwowałyśmy również przeobrażenie zupełne ciem.
I Ania grała w grę Life Cycle of a Butterfly, którą Jaś zaprogramował w Scratch.

Tym razem powstał obrazek łąki, no ... takiej niby łąki.

Potrzebne materiały:
  • kolorowy brystol
  • kartka
  • farby (zielona i niebieska, u nas również biała do rozjaśnienia) i pędzelki
  • kolorowy papier samoprzylepny (lub inny)
  • nożyczki
  • naklejki kwiatków

Mieszamy kolory, by uzyskać zadowalający nas odcień.

Malujemy kartkę - niebieskie niebo, zielona trawa
(lub jakkolwiek dziecko chce - abstrakcja dozwolona).

W międzyczasie jak farba schnie wycinamy z papieru samoprzylepnego różne owady. Ania miała ułatwione zadanie, gdyż znalazłam w domu japońskie naklejki-wycinanki owadów. 

Po wyschnięciu farby pomalowaną kartkę
przyklejamy do ciut większego brystolu.

Następnie przyklejamy owady i ozdabiamy kwiatkami. Możemy również dodać słoneczko.

I praca gotowa!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wenshan Jingmei Sports Park 文山景美運動公園

So far this summer it's been raining every single afternoon.
We haven't had a dry nature class for months, but that's ok.
This week we went to Wenshan Jingmei Sports Park not far from Wanlong MRT station 萬隆捷運站. You can enter the park from No. 80 Jingfeng St 景豐街80號.
As soon as the class started it started to rain ...

There is a small pond in the park:

There is also a playground and a green area ... not for playing ball as the sign says:

This park is known for the unbelievable number of cicadas. They are everywhere - on trees, on ground, on sidewalks, in the air and even on our teacher's arm. And of course they do make a lot of noise.

We found quite a few dead ones, some of them died during moulting. The one below had an undeveloped wing.

There are also other small creatures:

Atractomorpha (grasshopper) - 紅後負蝗

Longhorn beetle -  天牛 - Cerambycidae - Chrząszcz kózkowaty

Millipede - 千足蟲 - Diplopoda - Dwuparzec

Swinhoe's japalura - 斯文蒙氏攀木蜥蜴 - Japalura swinhosis

Young Giant African land snail - 非洲大踻牛 - Achatina fulica

Beside little critters we looked at some trees:

Chinese pistache

Formosan gum

Crape myrtle - 紫薇 - Lagerstroemia indica - Lagerstremia

Beautyberry - 紫珠 - Callicarpa japonica - Pięknotka

When it rained we found a shelter and the teacher read some nice books to the kids:

Girls still had fun waiting for the rain to stop:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wspominając wiosnę na naszym osiedlu

Jest lato, upalne lato na Tajwanie. 
Tęsknię za chłodniejszą porą roku i za wizytą mojej Mamy u nas. 
Przeglądałam więc zdjęcia z marca tego roku i postanowiłam kilka z nich Wam pokazać. 

A byście nie myśleli, że u nas wiosną tylko szaro, buro i mglisto, to oto kilka pogodnieszych fotek:

Friday, July 8, 2016

Rongxing Garden Park 榮星花園

Another Taipei park that we visited during our weekly nature class was Rongxing Garden Park  榮星花園 located between Jianguo N.Rd 建國北路 to the west, Longjiang Rd 龍江路 to the east, Minsheng E.Rd 民生東路 to the south and Wuchang St. 武昌街 to the north. The closest MRT station is the Zhongshan Junior High School Station 中山國中捷運站.
Interesting thing is - the park was privately owned and to visit it one had to pay an entrance fee. In 1989 the area was bought by Taipei City and the park became a public one.

In the north-west corner of the park there is a nice open-air swimming pool. I've never visited it, but many of my friends go there to cool down during summer. I wish we would have gone there last Tuesday! It was sooo hot!

Our nature class concentrated around a pond that's located in the south-east part of the park. Until spring of 2015 this pond used to be a dump site for local residents. At night they would throw their garbage and old appliances into it. In the beginning of 2015 a few environmental and neighborhood groups came together to work on the clean up and make the pond a fresh and clean environment for all the little creatures. Our nature class teacher also took part in this community clean-up.

The area around the pond in famous for fireflies which come out in April/May. Of course this was not only the wrong time of the day, but also wrong time of the year for us to observe fireflies.

The teacher has also prepared nice materials explaining to the kids the importance of making artificial islands on the ponds. Thanks to the island in Rongxing Park the little creatures and many insects can breed and live peacefully without the danger of being attacked and eaten by larger predators, like cats and humans.

Walking around the pond the teacher showed us some really fun seeds:

Snapdragon root - Ruellia tuberosa - 塊根蘆莉草


We also looked up close at some trees:

This one looks like soldier's uniform.

Griffith's ash

This powder-puff tree's flowers open
 only in the evening and fall off by early morning.

Only female papaya plants bear fruits.
We also met this big bird which had one leg shorter than the other ...

For snack everyone got a delicious pineapple popsicle made by the teacher.

Kids also had time to play in the trees.